how it works...

1. You register with Passbook Punchcard. We will then create a Passbook Pass using your company Graphics and Colors and submit it to you for review.
2. Once you approve the design, we will ship you the "marketing materials". Basically, it will include a few Triangular Point Of Sale Displays with a QR Code encouraging your patrons to download the pass to their phone. Installing the pass will take your customers just a few seconds and will not take any time away from your employees.
3. We will send you directions on how to update your truck location and push notifications to everybody who has one of your passes installed on their phone.
4. Our servers will then alert your customers as to the location of your truck, then just sit back and watch an increase in repeat customers .

Pricing is just $25/month. Try it out - if you don't see an increase in business, let us know, and we will cancel your service. No contracts required!

For more information call us at 619-322-0052.
Want to accept credit cards and offer loyalty punchcards too? Contact us to find out more!

Below is a sample of how your Pass can look: